The SportsParenthood podcast explores the influential role parents play in a kid's sports experience. Join fellow sports parents, John and Tiffany Bonasera, for in-depth conversations with sportspeople, coaches and professionals who'll provide practical, golden nuggets of information through their own stories and experiences. You'll find the weekly episodes engaging, entertaining and educational — it's easy listening for when you're ferrying your kids around or hanging out on the sideline. SportsParenthood is about giving helping you lift your game to support your active kids. Are you ready to dive in?

Episode 20 — RECAP: 20 not out with John and Tiffany

Reaching a milestone is always a good time to reflect … and that’s what we’re going to do today. In […]


Episode 21 — Rob Regent

The benefits of physical activity and participation in sport are universal for ALL children. How would YOU feel if your […]


Episode 22 — Suzy Walsham

Suzy Walsham’s is a story of the long game in sport. She’s kept coming back and has been competing for […]


Episode 23 — Nigel Ashley-Jones

When should strength training be introduced — and why is it important for kids and developing athletes? In this episode […]


Episode 24 — Hannah Every-Hall

Balancing school, sport and having a social life. If you’re #sports parenting student athletes, this is a tricky line to […]


Episode 25 — Matt ‘Coach’ Lisle

One of our goals this year is to live more boldly. So, when our daughter’s swimming coach suggested we reach […]


Episode 26 — Margaret Hemsley

In this episode of SportsParenthood, you’ll hear from Margaret Hemsley, former Australian cyclist, 2002 Commonwealth Games representative, and national road […]


Episode 27 — Nick Bishop

This is not your usual conversation about volunteering in sport. We’re not going to tell you what you should and […]


Episode 28 — Andrew McFadden

Even professional coaches like Andrew McFadden, current assistant coach at the Canberra Raiders, former head coach at the New Zealand […]


Episode 29 — Gary ‘Tiger’ Howard

This week’s guest is Gary Howard from the Run Crew in Sydney. He’s a guy known for dotting the i’s […]


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