Hi, we're John and Tiffany Bonasera.

We’re wrangling sports parenthood, just like you. Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes we get it wrong. Sometimes we’re ashamed of how we handled a situation. Sometimes we don’t agree on the best advice to give. Either way, we’re figuring it out as we go with the ultimate goal of helping our two aspiring kids get the most out of their sports experience.

Our daughters, aged 16 and 13, are showing some potential in sport. We’re currently in the trenches, ferrying them from one training session and competition to the next. We’ve been thrown into this gig with no handbook, just our own sporting experiences as a road map. It got us thinking: who could we lean on to get better at being sports parents?

That’s why we started the podcast and community, SportsParenthood.

We’re all rookie sports parents, on the same crazy ride, bringing our own backgrounds and perspectives into play. Currently, John works in the National Rugby League (NRL). He has a degree in Applied Science/Sports Coaching. Tiffany is a sports journalist by profession, the first female sports editor employed by the WIN Television Network.

SportsParenthood is for you if you’d like clues to lift your game through in-depth interviews with sportspeople, coaches, professionals, and parents who can provide insight on the role of parents in this journey the good, the bad, and the surprising. SportsParenthood is gold, for sports parents everywhere. #sportsparenthood

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