Episode 24 — Hannah Every-Hall

Photo courtesy of Hannah Every-Hall

Balancing school, sport and having a social life. If you’re #sports parenting student athletes, this is a tricky line to help them tread. That’s why we’ve turned to Hannah Every-Hall for our first episode of 2021. At the start of a new school year, as our #sports kids are finding their feet  with new school routines, sporting demands and settling into friendship groups, what advice should we be giving them to make it all work? In this episode, Hannah Every Hall — a former Olympic rower, a leader in sport, Pathways and High Performance Manager with Modern Pentathlon Australia, a mentor and rowing coach — has a helpful and informed perspective. She’s also one of our best friends, who we met when our eldest kids started preschool together in Canberra. This is a fun and thought-provoking conversation from someone whose Olympic dream started in the Year 1 classroom. But growing up, netball was Hannah’s first love … the only problem: it’s not an Olympic sport. So, how does she transition from high-level netball to making her Olympic debut as a rower at the age of 34, with two kids?



  1. Peter Leahy

    Hannah is an absolute champion who almost single handedly transformed the Power House Rowing Club in Melbourne. She is humble about her achievements and one who never fails to give back. Very grounded and a great role model for young girls in particular

    • Hi Peter, thank you for making the time to comment about the episode with Hannah! What a fantastic role model. It great to get your insight into how she has transformed Power House Rowing Club. Humble indeed. 🙂 Tiffany

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