Episode 26 — Margaret Hemsley

Margaret Hemsley, former Australian cyclist.
Photo courtesy of Margaret Hemsley

In this episode of SportsParenthood, you’ll hear from Margaret Hemsley, former Australian cyclist, 2002 Commonwealth Games representative, and national road race champion. It’s a candid conversation about her own incredible sporting experience — including a sliding doors moment — lessons competitive sport taught her, and what she’s aiming to teach own four sons. (And what you can learn from this, too.)

As a sports parent, you’ll relate to the anecdote at the start of the episode, when Margaret shared the story about her 8-year-old son’s less-than-ideal race result (in his eyes) at the school swimming carnival. Margaret’s response: “You know what you get from nothing, nothing”, says so much about her practical approach to life and sport.

She’s very wise, our Margaret!

Margaret and I actually met at a fun run in Canberra. We connected immediately, and spent the next seven or so years training most days together, solving the world’s problems as we clocked up some running kilometres on the fire trails. I miss these catch ups with Margaret every. single. day. But, for all the time we’ve spent together, we’ve never dived really deep about her cycling career.

You’ll love Margaret’s honesty and insight.


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