Episode 23 — Nigel Ashley-Jones

Photo courtesy Nigel Ashley-Jones

When should strength training be introduced — and why is it important for kids and developing athletes? In this episode you’ll hear from Nigel Ashley-Jones, currently head of physical performance at the Canberra Raiders in the National Rugby League, on changing the perception of the role of strength training in sport. Nigel’s worked as a strength and conditioning coach in multiple continents and in multiple codes, including premiership soccer, rugby union, along with rugby league. In this episode, you’ll hear from Nigel on the seven strength areas we need to tick off with our athletes, ideas on how to incorporate strength training into the program of developing athletes — and the million-dollar question: when should strength training be introduced? In our conversation, Nigel argues for the integration of strength and conditioning coaches at the grassroots level of sport and explains why strength training allows athletes to tolerate training, games and competition. Do your sports kids do strength training?

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