Episode 25 — Matt ‘Coach’ Lisle

Matt 'Coach' Lisle, “The Internet’s Most Followed Baseball & Softball Coach”, based in the USA.
Photo courtesy of Matt ‘Coach’ Lisle

One of our goals this year is to live more boldly.

So, when our daughter’s swimming coach suggested we reach out to Matt Lisle to be a guest on the show — who’s recognised as “The Internet’s Most Followed Baseball & Softball Coach” close to one million followers on social media. We said, “YES!”, we’ll give it a go. 

And guess what? Matt said, “YES!” 

Matt ‘Coach’ Lisle has coached at every level in both baseball and softball, including Major League Baseball with the Chicago White Sox. He’s also an author of an Amazon best-seller, Dear Coach

In this interview, Matt shares his coaching philosophy, how we can all help our student athletes set goals and be clear about expectations, including taking ownership of their own sporting journey, plus what’s in his coaching rule book? Matt’s not afraid to open up about his shortcomings either.

This is a conversation packed with gold. How cool to connect with someone across the other side of the world  — our first international guest on the show. It felt like a home run for us!



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