Episode 29 — Gary ‘Tiger’ Howard

Photo courtesy Gary Howard

This week’s guest is Gary Howard from the Run Crew in Sydney. He’s a guy known for dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s — and doing the work that needs to be done. He’s still a competitive athlete today — a world’s masters silver medalist in the 800 metres, and is currently training for a marathon.

In this episode, we wanted to explore the idea of sporty parents, active kids (PDF) as per research from the Sports Australia, formerly the Australian Sports Commission , that shows active parents are more likely to have active kids.

Gary is the perfect fit — a coach and father of two — in an interesting conversation that covers being a role model as a parent and coach, as well as the benefits of parents getting ONBOARD in kids sport. … and we throw open the discussion to what fires us up!

Plus, the three of us share our views on some of the topics that irk us in sport.

And, what’s the Johnny push up?



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