Episode 22 — Suzy Walsham

Photo courtesy of Suzy Walsham

Suzy Walsham’s is a story of the long game in sport. She’s kept coming back and has been competing for almost 40 years. She won her first state cross country title in the under sevens… the start of a running career that’s had many highs — like representing Australia in the 1500 metres at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games. And, the crushing lows, like enduring 14 stress fractures throughout her career.

THEN, something unexpected happened.

After moving from Sydney to Singapore for work, Suzy side-stepped into vertical stair racing — you know, running up the world’s tallest towers — and has gone on to become a record 10-times winner of the Empire State Building Run-Up! She’s not done YET! 

In our conversation with Suzy, she shares her lived experience in having early success as an athlete — and the pressure that came with that — what she’d do differently if she had her time over, how she’s sports parenting her own son, and the number one lesson in sport: Never underestimate your competitors.


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