Episode 18 — Sarah Jamieson

Photo courtesy of Sarah Jamieson

In this episode, you’ll hear the conviction in Sarah Jamieson’s voice, on a topic close to her heart — the consequences of kids being “flogged” as runners from a young age. The Australian middle distance runner — a three-time Olympian and Commonwealth Games silver medalist — recently wrote an opinion piece: ‘Kids Running. Stop the Madness‘, where she noted: “I have NEVER seen a child who trains hard and wins, go on and succeed as an older athlete. NEVER!” For Sarah, who’s head coach at Perth Running Club and is now a mum of four, watching parents on the sidelines, or trackside, is a blast from the past for her, which is what prompted her to speak up. This is a thought-provoking conversation, where Sarah ultimately advocates for running less. As someone who competed as an elite athlete until she was 35 years of age, and is at the coalface as a coach and parent … sports parents, it’s important to listen to what she has to say.



  1. Leon Saltmarsh

    What a fantastic talk by Sarah, i could not agree more, she is so on the money.

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