Episode 4 — Dr Dianne Huxley

Dr Dianne Huxley on SportsParenthood

Sport is full of high emotion. There are moments of elation and joy and there are moments of frustration and deflation. For many sports parents, we’re riding this wave of ups and downs with our kids, guided by little more than our intuition. In this episode, you’ll hear from Dr Dianne Huxley. She’s a high-performance track and field coach and manager, who’s headed up Commonwealth, World and Olympic teams, an academic, a mum and a grandmum. Her recent research reveals the evidence on the specific role parents play in the pathway from junior sport to Olympic and World Championship representation — what works, and why? Listen up, because we’re also making some big mistakes. If you’re flying by the seat of your pants, this episode will provide you with rock-solid, evidence-based advice. It’s a real eye-opener for all of us.

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