Episode 48 — Tim Gee

Photo courtesy of Tim Gee

Why do kids play sport?

That’s the question our guest today discusses with us in this week’s episode SportsParenthood — the answer prompting an evidenced-based evolution of one sport’s grassroots initiatives.

Just for some context, in Australia, the data tells us age is a key determinant of child participation in organised physical activity. Participation peaks in the 9 to 11 age group, declining when kids are 12-14. 

These drop-out rates are exactly what Tim Gee — the Regional Game Development Manager — Sydney Metro at the National Rugby League says has driven the revamp of the game’s development programs, including the introduction of League Stars, designed to drive ongoing participation in sport.

In partnering with Griffith University and the University of Queensland, and drawing from the expertise of others, the aim is to make rugby league more enjoyable for more kids. Just as importantly, it’s about addressing physical literacy gaps and helping to develop quality relationships.

Because it’s not what coaches coach, for example, it’s HOW they coach.

So, what are the philosophies that underpin this different approach? And, why premierships and grand finals have been sidelined in the formative years?



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