Episode 47 — Robyn Carrier

Photo courtesy of Robyn Carrier

In this episode, you’ll hear from Robyn Carrier. Her daughter, Marina Carrier, competed in the Modern Pentathlon in Tokyo, where she claimed 27th place in her Olympic debut. Robyn speaks candidly about what it’s like being a sports parent of an athlete at these most usual Games.

What was it like watching her daughter from their home Sydney? How did the Carrier family celebrate the Olympics — now that’s a story you’ll want to listen out for — and the thoughtful ways in which the Carriers showed their support for Marina, when they couldn’t be there in person.

Robyn shares with us how hard it can be as a sports parent.

She explains what it’s like when things aren’t necessarily going to plan, along with the absolute joy when things do. Robyn says it was touch and go whether Marina would make it to the Games — and is in awe of the guts and determination that got her there in the end.  

Every athlete has a backstory — Robyn brings a parent’s perspective. From the sliding doors moment when Marina first heard of the sport, to qualifying for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games when she was 17, as Australia’s first-ever female modern pentathlete.

… and now, an Olympian. The path has been both brilliant and bumpy.




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  1. Excellent hour, thoughtful and well spoken!

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