Episode 45 — Carmen Marton

 Carmen Marton, former taekwondo world champion
Photo courtesy of Carmen Marton

While we celebrate the achievements of our Olympic athletes in Tokyo, and hope it sparks that little something in our kids to have big dreams, it’s an important reminder that sport is not only about peak performance — because the reality is, few people will ever reach that pinnacle.

Carmen Marton, triple Olympian and Australia’s first ever world taekwondo champion, experienced the heartbreak of non-selection for this Games, despite meeting the selection criteria. Still, she agreed to join us on the show in a conversation you’ll find both interesting and confronting.

There are many wonderful benefits that go beyond what happens at the highest levels, and that’s what Carmen is advocating for. She wants to shift the goal, asking the question: How can we change the focus to be on longevity in the sport, for kids and families?

Carmen grew up in suburban Melbourne, her Polish-parents came to Australia as refugees. Her parents, siblings and partner have all been taekwondo athletes. Carmen, her partner, brother and sister all winning gold in taekwondo at the 2015 Pacific Games. So, what’s it like growing up in a taekwondo-loving family?



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