Episode 35 — Laura Van Den Honert

Photo courtesy of Laura Van Den Honert

In today’s episode of SportsParenthood, Laura Van Den Honert speaks bravely and openly about her lived experience with an eating disorder. You’ll hear her story about the long-term implications on her wellbeing and physical health. These include a series of bone-density-related injuries, which started when she was a younger athlete, and continue to impact her sporting aspirations as a competitive triathlete 15 years later.

In the interview, Laura recalls her first fun run at six years of age. Her mum and dad were dedicated sports parents, giving up their weekends to ferry Laura to matches and carnivals, and help manage sporting teams. Around 14 years of age, the then middle and long distance runner, developed an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. It’s been a hard road to build up her body and mind to compete again.

After all she’s been through, what would Laura tell her 14-year-old self?

What is her message for sports parents?



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