Episode 32 — Kylie Holt

As sports parents, we often resist taking our kids to see a physiotherapist or specialist believing they’ll be okay. Sometimes, it’s really difficult to tell when the normal aches and pains associated with sport transform into injuries. So, how do you know when to take your young athlete to see a physiotherapist?

What is a physio exactly? How can they help?

You’ll hear from Kylie Holt from Kylie Holt Sports Physiotherapy, who’s been working in high-performance sport for more than 20 years, including being an Australian team physiotherapist at three Olympic Games (including Tokyo) and three Commonwealth Games.  Kylie’s also spent 10 years at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), and recently with Swimming Australia.

She’s currently  investigating the ‘Pathoanatomy of an Elite Swimmer’s Shoulder’ for her PhD, and talks us through what she’s found through her research. We spoke to Kylie about some of the things that come up time and again with sports kids. Plus:

  • Importance of technique
  • A good warm up before training
  • Training load on kids.



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  1. Mark Hareb

    Awesome podcast

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