Episode 33 — Matt Roberts

Photo courtesy of NT News

In this week’s episode of SportsParenthood, you’ll meet Matt Roberts, who has an extraordinary story.

Since the year 2000, Matt, who’s currently director, Tennis Alice Springs, has raised 17 teenage boys, who’ve come from different backgrounds, different situations, with different struggles. Some have stayed for weeks, some for months, and many, for years! Sport has been the constant, and has played a big part in creating a platform for change by keeping them busy, providing structure, and teaching valuable life lessons.

In Matt’s role as a mentor and carer, he’s helped transform their lives. From Junior State of Origin debuts to NRL signings, and overseas tennis tournaments, sport has been the impetus for many of these adolescents to achieve big dreams. It hasn’t been easy. In fact, Matt has his own chair at the local school’s principal’s office.

If you’re parenting teenagers, you’ll know what Matt means when he talks about the “FU years”.

Matt joins us from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, with a different perspective on sports parenthood.



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