Episode 31 — Dr Lynne Munro

Photo courtesy of Dr Lynne Munro

The work of Dr Lynne Munro — head of AusCycling’s Olympic Fast Track Program — first caught our attention back in December, in an ABC news article in which she was quoted as saying: “We’re looking at building an environment that is specifically about female athletes.”

Lynne wants to completely rethink the way women have been trained and coached in elite sport.

As you can imagine, this got us curious! While Lynne’s focus is on building up Australia’s female track sprint cycling ranks, in the lead up to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, her ‘doing things differently’ approach makes you wonder what’s possible in all sports

In this conversation, you’ll hear about the importance of trying and failing (because failing is learning), and what attributes Lynne’s looking for in female athletes who may consider transitioning to sprint cycling.


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