Episode 16 — John Novak

Photo courtesy of John Novak

Bouncing back from setbacks is everything in sport because if there’s one thing you can count on, there’ll always be hurdles. From niggling injuries to season-ending injuries, a slow start in a swimming race to a missed penalty goal in soccer. The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics this year represents a deeply disappointing setback for many sportspeople. Where do many of us come unstuck in bouncing back? In this episode, you’ll hear from John Novak, a mindset coach who works with athletes across 44 sports as well as business people, and is the co-creator of the Boomerang Effect – a program designed around the concept that what you put out is what will come back to you. In our conversation with John, he explains the exact thing that’s getting in the way. You’ll love his limitless energy, evidence-based insight, and lived experiences including his own devastating setback as an athlete – and what happened next – along with his dream of becoming the prime minister to what is now his life’s work. 

Here’s John’s 10 tips to share with your kids:

  1. Choose a few words that become your personal affirmation, such as positive, strong, believe, trust, happy, joy. Repeat during training or an event. 
  2. Keep your body language up – make that a challenge. Whatever the result, challenge yourself to stay tall. 
  3. Be happy, joyful and excited – filled with the woooooooh energy of enthusiasm!
  4. Smile and then smile more, especially when the going gets tough. Why? Because it releases good chemicals in your brain!
  5. Look for the opportunity or lesson in every moment.
  6. Journal two to three good points in every game or even practice session.
  7. Minimise negativity – because it’s unproductive and unhelpful.
  8. Be positive in your words, thoughts and actions. Make this non-negotiable.
  9. Realise every moment, right now, is a choice.
  10. And then ask yourself; is what I am doing right now, HELPING or HINDERING fulfilling my/my kid’s dream to become my/their best?

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