Episode 13 — Dr Joann Lukins

Photo courtesy of Dr Joann Lukins

“Kids can sniff out hypocrisy from 100 paces,” according to sports psychologist, Dr Joann Lukins. When’s the last time you looked in the mirror to reflect on your own behaviour as a sports parent — and how is it impacting on your kids’ sports experience? Importantly, are you saying one thing and doing another? In the extreme, you’ve probably heard of ugly parent syndrome. For most of us, we’ve got the best intentions. In this week’s episode, Dr Jo — who works with professional sporting teams, including the NRL’s North Queensland Cowboys and the Townsville Fire in the Women’s National Basketball League — shares some home truths and superpowers for all of us. She’s also a speaker and author of two books, The Elite and In The Grandstands, which will be out soon. If you want tips on how to be better, this is the episode for you.

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