Episode 14 — Peta Carige

Peta Carige, sports dietitan for kids in sport.
Photo courtesy of Peta Carige

If athletes get their nutrition right, it’s FREE SPEED according to our guest this week, sports dietitian, Peta Carige. It makes perfect sense that good nutrition is often the missing link in an athlete’s performance.

BUT it’s not easy trying to fuel growing kids, with growing training loads. There’s lots of misinformation out there, based on opinion not science (it’s something that drives professionals like Peta crazy!).

Since 2005, she’s worked with many elite sporting teams and athletes and is currently consulting with: NSW Waratahs, Men’s and Women’s Sevens, Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and NSW Blues.

You’ll hear from Peta on the one pre-competition food that’s always a winner, along with simple pre-training snacks. Plus, is carbo-loading still relevant, and have you ever heard of pickle juice?

The next 45 minutes is packed with practical tips and sensible advice from Peta, for sports parents who want to know how to fuel their kids for sport, including the most important meal to get right.

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