Episode 70 — Rob Brown

Photo of Rob Brown with his much-loved chihuahuas Puck (black and white) and Zuzu (grey/ash)

In the first episode in our new season of the show, sports psychologist Rob Brown joins us to talk about a topic that is increasing in prominence: pets and sports performance.

It’s a feel-good approach — and it really works.

It is well-documented animals can help us reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and ease loneliness. Animals have been used in settings like hospitals and airports for their calming qualities.

Less known is that athletes are using animals to up their mental game. 

So, why are animals helpful for athletes?

We dig into the research and, we discuss the example of the 2016 Swimming US Olympic Trials, where organisers invited about 30 pet therapy dogs to the event in an effort to relieve the anxious swimmers. 

It was considered a bit unorthodox at the time — not so much anymore.

You are going to love this conversation. It is heartwarming. It is insightful. It provides just the perspective we all need right now. Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t have a traditional pet like a dog or cat in your household. 

Listen in for the many other ways and opportunities athletes, including your sports kids, can connect with animals, and reap the benefits.



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