Episode 69 — Dr. Paul Bloomfield

Photo courtesy of Dr. Paul Bloomfield

If there’s one thing sports parents are talking about right now — it’s COVID. Who’s got it, who’s had it, who has to isolate? Wear a mask or not wear a mask? Plus, making the tough calls to stay COVID-free in an effort to get on the start line, like missing out on birthday parties or other social events. 

It feels relentless, it feels exhausting, and it feels unfair.

Besides the obvious inconvenience of having to isolate with COVID, we wanted to talk about what happens next. Like you, we’ve heard stories of kids who have been able to jump back into sport easily, and others who have experienced lasting impacts. This is the peculiar thing about COVID.

This week, you’ll hear from from Dr. Paul Bloomfield, who is a specialist sport and exercise physician on key considerations for kids coming back post-COVID. And, a little bit about our personal isolation experience.

Please note: This is intended as general advice only. Make an appointment with a medical professional, if you have specific concerns about your child.



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