Episode 65 — Nicole Dennis

Heidi Dennis and her mum Nicole Dennis.
Photo courtesy Nicole Dennis with daughter Heidi Dennis

What would you do if your child got offered a sporting contract? How would you feel? It would be a pretty special moment. Well, imagine this. What if your child gets offered TWO sporting contracts, in TWO sports, in ONE weekend! It is EXACTLY what happened — at the end of last year — to our guest on the show today.

In our conversation with sports mum Nicole Dennis, she talks us through this very situation, when her daughter Heidi got offered contracts with both Brisbane Roar Football Club and the Queensland Academy of Sport Reds Rugby Sevens program — at the same time.

What’s going to be best for her? How’s it going to work being a dual-contracted athlete? Is it even possible? These are some of the many questions that were racing through Nicole’s mind during what she describes at “the most exciting and mentally draining time”.

You’ll hear about Heidi’s early years in sport, where she showed natural talent from a young age — and the one attribute that has really helped Heidi to stand out. Plus, how Nicole and her husband have sports parented all of their four kids, including how they’ve had to fine-tune her approach over the years.

The episode start with THAT moment — the one they didn’t see coming.




  1. John Winter

    Very special ladies there .
    Proud Dad and Grandpq.

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