Episode 63 — Dr Laura Piromalli

Dr Laura Piromalli
Photo courtesy of Dr Laura Piromalli

We spend about one-third of our lives doing it. Yes, we’re talking about sleep. It’s a HOT topic for sports parents everywhere — because we know it helps our kids’ bodies and brains recover. But we’re always worried they’re not getting enough sleep — and we’re actually right. 

In the new book called Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention, author Johann Hari includes research that says, over the past century the average child has lost 85 minutes of sleep every night. The effects of this are powerful for children.

With training commitments, schoolwork and a social life, how do we get our sports kids to get more sleep, without a war erupting at home every night? Adding to this, is the often tricky early mornings or late games to contend with.

We’re often left wondering how we can better manage the sleep situation. You’re probably experiencing a similar scenario. So, we reached out to Dr Laura Piromalli whose area of expertise is in recovery strategies, in particular, sleep. 

She’s currently working at the Western Australia Institute of Sport in the Performance Services Program, and has previously supported the Australian Netball Diamonds as a recovery physiologist and numerous recovery roles at the Australian Institute of Sport. 

In this conversation, you’ll hear whether naps are a help or hindrance, exactly how much sleep an adolescent athlete really needs, and the importance of circadian rhythm — and what this means. 

You’re going to love this chat with Laura.



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