Episode 51 — Melissa Juergens

Photo courtesy of Melissa Juergens

Welcome to a new season of SportsParenthood, the podcast for rookie sports parents. It’s not easy supporting kids through sport, right? That’s why we turn to people with lived experiences, and professionals with the right expertise, to provide us with golden nuggets of information each week.

In our first episode back, you’ll hear from sports dietitian and exercise scientist, Melissa Juergens on a topic that’s been raised in our household by our teenage daughter. It might have been raised in your household, too? She is interested in going on a plant-based diet. 

Instead of dismissing it through our personal concerns over what’s involved in making this happen — in a healthy way — we called in an expert to talk us through what it actually means, the impact on sports performance, and why it’s important for sports parents to stay curious when our kids ask us about things we may not agree with, or know little about.

In this conversation, Melissa nails it with her explanations, insights and enthusiasm.. And brings us all a refreshing view on food and how amazing the human body really is. 



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