Episode 41 — Digital distraction with Dr Jo Lukins

Photo courtesy of Dr Jo Lukins

Digital distraction and the impacts on sports kids.

One of our listeners reached out to us about her dilemma with digital distraction.

In her email she wrote: ‘My sons, especially the older one, gets that buzz from the instant gratification of screen-time interactions. How do we compete with that?’ 

Without doubt, digital distraction is a hot topic in most households. If this is a dilemma for you too, you’ll want to hear more from sports psychologist and author of In the Grandstands, Dr Jo Lukins, in this week’s episode of SportsParenthood. 

We set out to find some answers, from the perspective of sports parents, including an interesting discussion about the push-pull of keeping kids active and engaged in sport when there’s an ‘electronic drug’ in the equation. 

How can we realistically navigate device use, and what are the impacts? In this interview, we also explore the benefits of digital technology, and ways it can actually HELP with sports performance.

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