Episode 37 — Joel Wilson

Photo courtesy of Joel Wilson

Why has junior sport become high-stakes? Have we lost perspective as sports parents?

In this episode of SportsParenthood, you’ll hear from Joel Wilson. He’s a former professional rugby league and rugby union player, whose 15-year career in sport includes three years in the NRL with the North Sydney Bears and playing with the ACT Brumbies in its golden era, where he won a few Super Rugby titles.

Finally, Joel capped off his rugby career in Japan.

Interestingly, Joel’s sporting dream as a kid is different to how it turned out.

Now, he wears many hats. He’s a coach and sports master at a junior school in Sydney’s inner west, involved in community sport, and a sports parent. You’ll want to listen to the show for some pretty awesome personal stories — sliding door moments and how a little bit of luck goes a long way in sport.

Through his own observations and experience, Joel reckons some sports parents lose perspective, even though it’s coming from a place of love. No one is perfect. Even Joel finds he has to bite his tongue at times!

So, what is important in junior sport? 



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