Episode 8 — Suzie Rhydderch

Suzie Rhydderch is a clinical psychologist on eating disorders in sport.
Photo courtesy of Suzie Rhydderch

Eating disorders and disordered eating have long been associated with athletes at all levels — in both female and male sportspeople. Every lived experience is different, from what triggers an eating disorder to how it takes hold and the way forward with treatment — and thankfully, in more and more cases, recovery. Our guest today is Suzie Rhydderch — a clinical psychologist with expertise and a strong interest in the impact of mental health issues on performance, on and off the field, including eating and body image concerns. She brings a personal background in athletics, winning a number of national titles before suffering a devastating injury, which forced her out of the sport. She’s recovered from an eating disorder herself and is now involved in competitive kayaking. In this episode, Suzie opens up about her own experience and provides practical advice grounded in her lived experience with an eating disorder and her clinical expertise. It’s an important topic for sports mums, sports dads, and for coaches.

What are the red flags and how can you help?

Contact information

Suzie has kindly provided her email, should you wish to reach out: suzie.rhydderch@gmail.com

For more information on the Butterfly Foundation, visit https://butterfly.org.au

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