Episode 10 — 9 golden nuggets for sports parents

Photo credit: Gabrielle King

In episode 10 of SportsParenthood, you’ll hear nine golden nuggets of information for sports parents, hand-picked by us, your hosts, John and Tiffany Bonasera. In a different format this week, we’re bringing you one piece of gold from each of our nine guests on the show so far. Of course, our guests have provided us with a gold rush of insights — it was a hard task extracting the shiniest nuggets. Whether you’re a regular listener or a newbie, you’re going to love this recap to celebrate SportsParenthood’s 10-episode milestone. Without a guest to keep us on the straight and narrow, we’ve shared some personal anecdotes from our own lived experiences as sports parents, on the same roller-coaster as you. Plus, we set some rules of engagement for today’s show … but did we stick with it? If you’re enjoying SportsParenthood, please, please, please write us a review on your favourite podcast app.

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