Episode 74 — Rory Darkins

Rory Darkins, high-performance coach and positive psychology researcher
Photo courtesy of Rory Darkins

Do your sports kids feel nervous, even anxious, before they play a game or line up to compete? What does this mean? Why does it happen? As sports parents, what can we do to help? 

In this episode, we speak with Rory Darkins — a high-performance coach and positive psychology researcher who transitioned into the mental side of sport while playing high-level cricket.

He started asking important questions such as: Do athletes have to sacrifice their wellbeing to get to the top of their sport. Is there a better way? Well, the short answer is, yes.

Currently, Rory is the training partner of two-time Olympic distance runner Eloise Wellings, who we interviewed in episode 54 of the show, and they co-host the “What’s Right Within’ podcast. 

Today, Rory talks us through nerves and shares with us one of the most powerful but underrated tools we have to regulate our nervous system. What is it? And what impact can it have on our kids, and us, too.

Plus, he’s just launched a new app called In8.



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