Episode 55 — Winning at all costs

Photo of Milla Bonasera | Posted with permission

It’s just us for Episode 55 of SportsParenthood, speaking about a topic that came up through our eldest daughter, Andie. She’s studying Physical Activities and Sports Studies (PASS) for one of her elective subjects at school. This term, she had to write an essay on Winning At All Costs — and it got us thinking.

If you’re a regular listener, you’ll be familiar with the themes and threads that have come through consistently on the show, including the importance of having fun, non-specialisation in junior sport, and allowing your sports kid to find their own way (with parents providing logistics and love).

But, there’s no denying there are plenty of athletes who have ‘made it’ through having a winning at all costs approach. This is a thought-provoking conversation that invites you to consider what you genuinely want for your sports kids. How do you feel about it? Where do you draw the line?

Plus, a little bit of raw honesty and a few tears from Tiffany.



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