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Trailer: SportsParenthood

Are you living the crazy life of a sports parent? Ferrying your kids to games and training sessions, packing snacks, cheering from the sideline, there’s canteen duty, time keeping, scoring, coaching, and committees? You know the drill. Join fellow sport parents, John and Tiffany Bonasera, for in-depth conversations with sportspeople, […]

Tracey Menzies-Stegbauer

Episode 1 — Tracey Menzies-Stegbauer

In the first episode of SportsParenthood, decorated swimming coach, Tracey Menzies-Stegbauer, known for coaching five-time Olympic champion Ian Thorpe and current head swimming coach for the Rackley Swim Team at the Parkinson Aquatic Centre in Brisbane, talks to John and Tiffany about the traits shared by champion athletes. Her captivating […]

Tom Trbojevic and Jake Trbojevic's parents, Melissa and John

Episode 2 — Melissa and John Trbojevic

Jake and Tom Trbojevic, along with brothers Ben and Luke, have kicked some big goals in #sport — and supporting them every step of the way are their parents, John and Melissa. In this episode of SportsParenthood, this proud and humble mum and dad reflect on Tom’s backyard cricket antics, […]

Tom Trbojevic

Episode 3 — Tom, Jake and Ben Trbojevic

Following on from last week’s episode (part 1) with #sportsparents Melissa and John Trbojevic, this week, we speak with three of their four sons, Tom, Jake and Ben Trbojevic, for the other side of the story (part 2). If you’re a #rugbyleague fan, the Trbojevic brothers need no introduction. Currently, […]