Trailer: SportsParenthood

Are you living the crazy life of a sports parent?

Ferrying your kids to games and training sessions, packing snacks, cheering from the sideline, there’s canteen duty, time keeping, scoring, coaching, and committees? You know the drill. Join fellow sport parents, John and Tiffany Bonasera, for in-depth conversations with sportspeople, coaches, and professionals on what it takes to be a better sports parent. You’ll hear different perspectives that’ll give you clues — those golden nuggets of information — to help inform the way you sport parent. It’s gold for sport parents who are also curious to understand the role of a parent in the life of a superstar athlete, is it talent or hard work that matters most, why do teenagers drop out of sport, what’s the impact of eating disorders, and, if there’s one piece advice to give to your sport kids, what would it be?

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