The SportsParenthood podcast explores the influential role parents play in a kid's sports experience. Join fellow sports parents, John and Tiffany Bonasera, for in-depth conversations with sportspeople, coaches and professionals who'll provide practical, golden nuggets of information through their own stories and experiences. You'll find the weekly episodes engaging, entertaining and educational — it's easy listening for when you're ferrying your kids around or hanging out on the sideline. SportsParenthood is about giving helping you lift your game to support your active kids. Are you ready to dive in?

Episode 50 — Rob Brown (Part 2)

This week, you’ll hear part 2 of the conversation with performance psychologist, Rob Brown. ‘Reassuring Rob’ talks about the silver […]


Episode 51 — Melissa Juergens

Welcome to a new season of SportsParenthood, the podcast for rookie sports parents. It’s not easy supporting kids through sport, […]


Episode 52 — Martin Pickup

Today on SportsParenthood, this conversation has everything to do with the influence a parent has had on helping a child […]


Episode 53 — Lauren Parker

In this week’s episode of SportsParenthood, Lauren Parker, para-triathlete, joins us from the USA, where she is currently based at […]


Episode 54 — Eloise Wellings

Eloise Wellings is a long-distance runner and two-time Olympian. Earlier this month, she ran the fastest marathon debut by an […]


Episode 55 — Winning at all costs

It’s just us for Episode 55 of SportsParenthood, speaking about a topic that came up through our eldest daughter, Andie. […]


Episode 56 — David Shillington

This week on SportsParenthood, you’ll meet David Shillington, a former professional rugby league front rower, who’s played 215 first grade […]


Episode 57 — Michael H. Scott

Both of us got goosebumps hearing our guest this week, Michael H Scott, recalling the exact moment his son, Mike […]


Episode 58 — Rubin Ruzicka

In this week’s episode of SportsParenthood, we’re talking about speed. Have you ever watched sport — and thought — that […]


Episode 59 — It’s a wrap for 2021

This is the FINAL episode of SportsParenthood for 2021, in what’s been a year like no other! It’s been a […]


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